The Agriculture Industry is Mutilating Cows by Drilling Holes in Them

The process is known as fistulation and involves cutting a sizable hole in the side of the cow to expose the stomach. Farmers claim that the method is for ‘health reasons.’ They say that it is so farmers are able to transplant microbes into the cows but the nature of the procedure is in itself inhumane.

In the process a hole is drilled into the side of the cow exposing the stomach, it is then held open with a plastic ring to ensure it doesn’t close up.

It is no doubt painful and stressful for the animal to endure, despite what the farmers claim.

Cows have been used for thousands of years for their milk, meat and hide but this step could be taking things too far.

Methods are in place in most countries to ensure cows and other animals that are used for farming are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, but fistulation seems to have overstepped the mark into what can be considered cruel.

Watch the video below to find out more about the process.