Street Musician Begins Playing, Crowd Gathers When Woman In Green Dress Makes Bold Move

As a dancer, it’s hard to hear music and not want to boogie along. That’s exactly what this ballet dancer felt when she was walking past a street musician while on vacation. Thank goodness Dad had his camera running and was able to capture what she did next…

Even though we all know and appreciate ballet now, the Atlanta Ballet website explains that the dancing technique has been around longer than most people think. Ballet (as we know it today) started back in the early 1500s in Italy. Instead of wearing elaborate leotards or other types of tight clothing, the dancers wore huge costumes and heavy headdresses. Their dancing was more of a production than it was a showcase of their impressive moves. Now, the costumes are gone and the focus has shifted back to the talent of the dancers. Ballet’s rich history and the dancers’ spectacular skills are two of the reasons why it remains one of the most beloved dance styles to this day!

So when this ballerina from Palestine heard music being played by an artist on the street, she knew she had to stop. At first, she was nervous and didn’t want to detract from the man’s music, but then she realized every good song needs a dancer moving along with it! So, with her dad cheering her on, she threw off her shoes and proceeded to move like an angel. A small crowd formed to watch both of them share their art, and the musician even paused to watch her glide across the rough street surface gracefully! Watch this stunning impromptu performance for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below.