Mother Kicks Her Son To Death; She Says It Was Just A Mistake

Omaree Varela was nine years old when he was kicked to death, by his own mother. It was reported that he called 911 for help many times, but his calls were ignored.

Omaree’s autopsy showed that he died from severe internal bleeding, which was caused by blunt-force trauma.

Synthia Varela-Casaus, Omaree’s mother, pleaded guilty and was sentenced. She sobbed throughout the sentencing.

When she was arrested, she told news cameras that she was only trying to discipline him and kicked him in the wrong way, and to her it was just an accident. But that accident left her son dead.

After two and a half years, as she was sitting in the court, her sister addressed a statement.  Sylvia Marquez said that what her sister did can’t be described with words and she has to be held accountable for her crime.

She adopted Omaree’s two siblings, and talked about how much pain and suffer they were going through.

“They ask, ‘Auntie, can’t Omaree be fixed? Can’t God or the doctors fix him?” said Marquez.

She told the court that Omaree’s 7-year-old sister couldn’t stop talking about the tragic moment when her brother was kicked to death. She said that he kept screaming for help.

Marquez said that the sister keeps saying ‘Auntie, I just want to hug him so bad it hurts!’.

She wrote a letter that her aunt, now adoptive mother, read to the judge.

“Mom is not a good person to me because she hurt my brother,” the 7-year-old girl wrote. “I am scared that mom might see me. I hope mom stays in jail for that I can be safe with my other mom.”

Before hearing her sentence, Varela-Casaus said that she didn’t mean for it to happen and that she loved her children.

Judge Brett Loveless sentenced Varela-Casaus to 40 years in prison.

But she had a partner in crime, Omaree’s stepdad, who was sentenced with 30 years for his role in the little kid’s death.