Domestic Violence Victim Took ‘A Photo A Day’ For One Year And The Last Photo Is Heartbreaking

Domestic violence is one of the biggest problems that we collectively face as a society. This is the sort of problem that people are willing to sweep under the rug because they do not have the proper context. While many of us are probably aware of the fact that over 6,000 American troops passed away while fighting in the Middle East over an 11 year period, nearly twice as many people lost their lives at home because of domestic abuse.

Some men are obviously included in this tally, but women are the ones who suffer most. There are those who are on the outside looking in when it comes to these relationships and they allow themselves to believe that the person can just leave. In reality, these sorts of relationships are incredibly difficult for the victim to make an escape from.

Out of all the domestic violence victims in the country, roughly 80 percent of them are women. One woman who was suffering from domestic violence decided that she would take a photo of herself every day for a full year. The photos are meant to shed light on the abuse that these women experience every day and they provide a harrowing portrait.

This woman’s photos depict a sense of vulnerability that is absolutely heartbreaking. Victims of domestic abuse will often stay because they have convinced themselves that they are a part of the problem, which adds to our level of sadness. The photos that this woman posted were compiled into a video that shows the viewer how abuse can have a horrific cumulative effect on a victim.

We understand that some viewers may wish to look away. This is especially true of those who have experienced abuse of their own in the past. In our humble opinion, is a very important video that needs to be seen by as many viewers as possible. It is easy to say that domestic violence is wrong. It is not easy to confront the damaging effects that it can have on someone’s life.

Let’s all be sure to take a moment to share this story to spread the necessary awareness about domestic violence. Let’s stop hiding from this harsh reality and let’s start taking a more nuanced approach. If we all do our part and come together to provide safe spaces for women, then we can create an environment where domestic violence will one day become a thing of the past.