2 Tiny Pups Are Scared To Go Downstairs, Then Owner Captures Mom Come In For ‘Backup’

When babies take their first few wobbly steps out into the big world beyond their reach, it’s so exciting! But when it’s a teeny tiny furry little puppy, it is absolutely adorable to watch them try to hesitantly navigate the stairs. Their little tails waggle, they make the cutest little squeaks and their tentative little paws reach carefully for the next step on the staircase.

Learning something new always comes with fresh, new challenges. These precious Shih Tzu pups are trying to following their mom Rosie down the stairs. Charlotte balks at the first step, but then plunges down the rest of the stairs like a champ. She beats her fears and successfully and safely makes her way to the bottom of the staircase where her mom and human parents await her. Even mom Rosie sprints down the stairs past her lone baby who sadly is still trying to figure out how to get down the steps that loom like mountains ahead of her. Charlotte’s littermate Reese’s attempts just are not as fruitful and she whimpers from the top of the staircase.

This poor little fur ball was too scared to try the second step. Dad tries gently coaxing her down to the next step, which she eventually manages to do. With her little tail wagging, she just can’t muster the bravado to make it on down. At one point, the poor little thing tumbles down a step. Her mom Rosie scoots back up the stairs to greet her puppy and lend her some support. Charlotte scampers back up the stairs to help her sibling. Even Marilyn the cat gets in on the action. Finally, Reese is successful! Watch these precious little pooches learn how to pilot down the stairs in the cute video below.